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 Renato "Rey" de Vera, Class 1977



Class 1970 to Class 1975



Slated to be held in

late 2009 or early 2010

in the Philippines



MINUTES OF CLASS 1970 – 1975



March 7, 2009 Meeting


      Dr. Mauro Mondala, Jr. ’74, Overall Chairman

Mrs. Norlita Divina-Orpilla ‘71

Mrs. Nieves de Guzman ‘71

Mr. Anselmo dela Cruz ‘72

Mrs. Lolita Ventinilla ‘72

Mrs. Marilyn Sarga-Mararac ‘73

Mr. Felipe Villanueva ‘74

Mr. Daniel Bosque ‘74

Mrs. Cirila Gozon-Celeste ‘74

Fr. Alberto “Abet” Viernes ‘75



     1.  Members of the core group started arriving at 5:00 P.M. and while waiting for the others to arrive.  An early dinner courtesy of Mrs. Norlita Divina-Orpilla and Mrs. Cirila Gozon-Celeste was served.

      2.  The meeting commenced at 6:00 P.M. and was presided by Dr. Mauro Mondala, Jr..  Mrs. Nieves Murillo-de Guzman read the minutes of the past two (2) meetings, December 13, 2008 and January 25, 2009, respectively, and drew reactions, deliberations and suggestions which further improved the plan of actions for the grand reunion.

           a.  Fr. Alberto “Abet” Viernes joined the organizing committee to represent his class.  He will contact his batchmates and ask them to join the reunion.  With the inclusion of Class ’75, the grand reunion is now composed of six (6) year groups.

            b.  The body suggested and approved that if and when the local members cannot produce the P20,000.00 share in the  contribution, their foreign counterparts may compensate for the shortage of funds.

          c.  It was also suggested that a bank account be opened for foreign contributions (c/o Mr. Johnny S. Soriano) and local contributions (c/o Mr. Anselmo dela Cruz) to facilitate the process of sending contributions to the organization.  The agreement, however, is to open a checking account in the names of Dr. Mauro Mondala, Jr and Mr. Anselmo dela Cruz for the purpose.

           d.  It was also agreed upon that on the next meeting, each group will bring and submit an initial contribution of P2,000.00 to open the checking account.

           e.  Class ’74 will handle the preparation and printing of souvenir programs while Class ’73 will handle the preparation of invitations and the proceeding of the program proper.

         f.  Submission of ads for the souvenir program have started and spearheaded by Class ’75.  The prices of the ads are:

             Back cover              P5,000.00

             Inside back cover   P2,500.00

             Inside front cover    P2,500.00

             1 whole page          P1,000.00

             1/2 page                  P600.00

             1/4 page                  P400.00

             Line ads                  P200.00

                   For US based ads (except for the back and inside covers) - $50 for any ad placement.

           g.  Collection of payments of ads shall be centralized (c/o Mr. Anselmo dela Cruz) but will be accounted separately.

           h.  The pledges for food and drinks will be on the 2nd day of the event, the 27th of December, because dinner for the 1st day will be catered

      3.    Other matters tackled were:

           a.  A question was raised whether classmates who did not graduate at DWCU can be considered alumni to which the body deliberated based on the definition of alumni - a graduate of the institution.  But they may be invited as guests.

           b.  Prizes for the raffle drawing, besides the 4/batch prizes agreed upon during the first meeting, had been approved and solicitation for the major prizes will be chaired by Class ‘75: 

         - 1st prize:  Refrigerator, 6”

              - 2nd prize:  Television set (21”)

         - 3rd prize:  Gas stove with LPG tank

              - Consolation Prizes:  4/batch prizes

The raffle drawing will be for everybody unless winners waive their rights to receive their prizes then another raffle will be drawn.

           c.  Class ’75 will wear orange t-shirts during the reunion.

           d.  Dr. Noel Obedoza, Class ’70, will replace Dr. Adelaida Serafica-Deogracias as Batch Coordinator 

                although Dr. Mondala has yet to inform him.

           e.  Each batch is asked to start submitting pictures with captions to Dr. Mondala who will prepare the power

                point presentation.

      4.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 P.M..  The next meeting will be on the 18th of April, same time and venue.  The agenda will be theme, collection, project and budget for each committee.


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